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Today's Essential Oil Spotlight Is Cardamom

Cardamom has a warm, spicy and fruity aromatic scent.

This essential oil can be used Aromactically, Internally and Topically. Cardamom is closely related to ginger and used in similar ways. The primary benefits of this essential oil is to support optimal gastrointestinal function. It is also very beneficial in promoting clear breathing and respiratory health. Some of the most commonly ways that this essential oil is used are to add to foods for flavor and digestive support, diffuse for respiratory support or to alleviate feelings of motion sickness or nausea.

To start using the benefits of Cardamom, get it HERE.


Today's Essential Oil Spotlight: doTERRA Deep Blue Blend

Deep Blue Blend has a minty and camphor aromatic scent.

This essential oil blend is mostly used Topically. It is a blend of 7 essential oils specifically targeted to support healthy circulation and help soothe sore muscles and achy joints. This blend's cool and therapeutic benefit provides instant relief. The Deep Blue blend is also available in a roller bottle that allows you to roll it on specific areas or in a creamy rub to apply by massaging it in the area of discomfort. I personally use this rub on my sore back or hands after a long day of client sessions.

Ready to ease your sore, achy body, get doTERRA's Deep Blue blend HERE.



Today's Essential Oil Is Lavender

Lavender has a light and floral aromatic scent.

This essential oil can be used Aromatically, Internally and Topically. Lavender is known as the calming oil. It is a very versatile essential oil and most commonly used to aid in calming nerves, soothing skin irritations and improve a restful sleep. I will apply it to the bottom of the feet or diffuse it in the air just before bedtime for better sleep quality. One of my favority ways to use Lavender is to add it with my massage therapy lotion for a relaxing massage. Clients love it!

If you are ready to start getting the benefits of Lavender Essential Oil, Go HERE.


Top Ten "Must-Have" Essential Oils


Learn The Top Ten "Must-Have" Essential Oils

Here is a presentation video that shows you the "must-have" essential oils that every family should be using.



Today's Essential Oil Spotlight Is Geranium

Geranium has a sweet and floral aromatic scent.

This essential oil can be used Aromatically, Internally and Topically. It is an oil that promotes clear, healthy skin, calms nerves and lessens anxiety. It is also known to support liver health. Some of the best ways to use the benefits of Geranium essential oil is to add a drop to your moisturizer to balance oil production, add to your shampoo or conditioner and diffuse to relieve tension or anxiety.

If you want to add Geranium to your doTERRA Essential Oils collection, Go HERE.


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